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Our goals


The Lebanese Programmers Association’s main goals :

  1. Securing the rights of all workers in the field of programming and informatics, which the Lebanese constitution guarantees to Lebanese workers in the public and private sectors.
  2. Work and demand to enact new laws that guarantee the right of members in line with the type, level, and nature of work.
  3. Ensuring all social and health guarantees, an old-age guarantee, etc. to ensure that the members have a decent life.
  4. Raising the level of workers in this field by preparing for conferences and seminars to familiarize members with all technological developments, in addition to establishing a body to exchange experiences between members to benefit from the huge experiences of members each in his field of work.
  5. Demanding the enactment of laws guaranteeing the protection of intellectual property and work to implement them
  6. Securing licenses for subsidized software for members and students, which encourages and facilitates study and research and raises the scientific level.
  7. Raise the level of locally produced programs by establishing a special committee concerned with setting standards and controls to control production.
  8. Demanding administrative decentralization, which creates job opportunities for all workers in the sector, each in his city or town, away from the hardships of daily commuting and displacement towards the capital.
  9. Serious work to raise the level of information technology in the public and private sectors, by demanding laws to establish e-government and providing studies and support in this regard, which would make work and facilitate transactions and reduce waste.
  10. Working with those concerned to establish an informatics city – as in many countries – that includes all the necessary technological facilities.