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About Us

Lebanese Programmers Association (LPA)
LPA’s mission is to stimulate the advancement of the Lebanon IT sector by providing assistance and resources to the Lebanese Programmers.
LPA is the community where the Lebanese Programmers can meet to exchange experiences, enhance knowledge, and introducing the latest technologies and solutions.

Why LPA?
Because we are programmers ourselves and know very well that the Lebanese ICT sector is based mainly on this group which is the brain of any ICT company, we have realized that to help Lebanon reach the level of the advanced countries we must first gather and work together as Lebanese Programmers to share knowledge, brainstorming ideas, creating activities like Workshops, Seminars and here from it came the idea of LPA to be the community of the Lebanese Programmers and the meeting point of our effort to reach a better knowledge and experience on the personal level of our members and a higher position of our country on the national level.